Amnesty Actions

Brief: Increase Amnesty's digital engagement.




Design / Art Direction


Linnéa Carlson, Greta Colloca, Jakob Smedhagen

Online Engagement

How can Amnesty's digital engagement increase? People are more willing than ever to contribute to good causes, but rather do it online and by acts that doesn't involve them much in the organisation's infrastructure.


For Amnesty's users, it's harder than it should be to perform activist actions online. Every week, people enter Amnesty's homepage, locate the actions page, is forced to choose between all current actions, fill in their personal details and repeat these steps for every action until they are done. It's a cumbersome process which leads to less engagement over time.

Lack of Feedback

The site offers the best option for online activists—but a common complaint is the lack of feedback from the results of the actions. Since people crave confirmation and feedback, they should get feedback on wether their actions made a difference or not.

Use of Internet

With Internet there is a clear opportunity to fix these issues and reinforce the belief that what these people do is the right thing and that their actions make an impact. If they got feedback on how their actions make a difference, it'd lead to a bigger emotional impact and spread, with more users returning.

The Concept

With Internet, it's easier than ever to make a difference in the world. It gives us the power to make a big impact while doing something as trivial as cooking an egg. The concept plays with the contrast of everyday things and social change by challenging people to use their time doing trivial tasks in a way that makes a difference.


Today it's possible to access internet wherever you are, making it possible to change the world whenever.

amnesty, erik kölare, beckmans


The actions are either a letter, message or petition—making the A4-format the natural, intuitive choice for each action. You want to create the feeling of a letter actually being sent.

amnesty, erik kölare, beckmans
amnesty, erik kölare, beckmans
amnesty, erik kölare, beckmans
amnesty, erik kölare, beckmans
amnesty, erik kölare, beckmans