Popup Club

Brief: Create a new way for people to find others to play football with.


Mobile Application / Identity


UX&UI Design / Graphic Design

Club Activities In Decline

There has always been a strong culture of collective activities in Sweden. But ever since the 80's the number of members in sport clubs have steadily dropped off. People search for more spontaneous activities and want to be able to come and go as they please.

Spontaneous football

For people who drop off from club activities, it's hard to find other systems to play football in. Many quit because of the demands from football clubs to perform and engage on the clubs' terms. People search for more spontaneous and flexible activities that better acknowledge their lifestyles. It's a trend of self-realization that means people rather go to a gym than engage in club activities.

Alternative to clubs

The main problem they face is that there are no alternatives to casual football once they quit, leading to a weaker football association overall and less people who trains and plays together with others. Their best substitutes are leagues such as Korpen, but the only real difference is that it's for amateurs. It still require you to follow a system, without the freedom of casual play.

Not traditional members

People search for activities that grants freedom, since the self-realization is becoming more and more important. With private actors such as gyms being able to acknowledge these peoples' lifestyles, club activities finds themselves in decline. Club activities go from popular movements to actors in a market, meaning clubs become salaried which means an increased pressure on performance.


A club for people roaming the city, always ready for pick-up games. The club use fashion and technology to connect people via the sport whilst making it easier to play football with others.

Football Jersey

The club's jersey is as flexible as the club and sport itself. By making the jersey turnable, it makes it easier for people to join and divide themselves into teams. It's designed with a color that makes sure it is visible at long distances since it pops from the surroundings.

popup club, erik kölare, beckmans

Mobile Application

The application measures activities on the city's pitches using geolocation. Users are most likely going to be using the app outside, choices of colors are therefore designed to work in clear sunlight—a time when people also are most likely to go out and play.

popup club, erik kölare, beckmans
popup club, erik kölare, beckmans
popup club, erik kölare, beckmans
popup club, erik kölare, beckmans
popup club, erik kölare, beckmans
popup club, erik kölare, beckmans
popup club, erik kölare, beckmans